Netherlands Startup Visa

Dutch government introduced the 'Startup Visa', effective as of January 2015, that allows new businesses a preparatory year to prepare the requirements for qualifying for the Dutch self-employment permit.

Further changes were made to the Startup Visa in 2016, when the Dutch authorities recognised that after the preliminary start-up year many enterprises were not able to pass the rigorous scrutiny of the standard self-employed application.

As of January 2016 startups need to work with their business facilitator that replaced the points-based system.


How To Find Facilitator

One of the requirements for obtaining a residence permit is working together with a business mentor: a facilitator.

This cooperation must be officially established in a (signed) agreement between the startup entrepreneur and the facilitator.

The facilitator must have experience in guiding innovative startups.

The facilitator provides the entrepreneur with a package of support tailored to the specific needs of the startup.

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