Germany Entrepreneur Visa

As per the reforms that were brought in 2012, there is no threshold investment requirement, however investment of €250,000 is recommended but it is not mandatory.

Sufficient funds need to be shown for establishing a business in Germany.

The visa is given for 3 years, leading to permanent residency and eventually citizenship after 5 years on PR.

Self-Employment Visa

Non EU/non EEA/non Swiss individuals seeking residency in Germany by means of self-employment will need to apply for a visa for the purpose of self-employment at their home country.

Upon the arrival in Germany, the applicant will need to convert their visa into a Self-employment residence permit.

The self-employment permit will allow the applicant to set up a business as either a self-employed entrepreneur or a freelancer.

In order to apply for this permit, the applicant will need to meet the following requirements:

Documents Required

The residence permit will be extended for a maximum of 3 years if the business is successful. After 3 years, the self-employed entrepreneur will be able to obtain a settlement permit. If applying as a freelancer, the applicant will be able to obtain a settlement permit after 5 years of residency in the country.

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