Start-up visa scheme is the best option to apply for Denmark visa. Start-up Denmark is a visa scheme was launched on 1st January 2015 by the Danish Government to allow talented entrepreneurs to relocate and grow high-impact start-ups in Denmark.

Start-up Denmark only accepts applications from non-EU (European Union) and non-EEA (European Economic Area) residents.

Your business must have high growth potential as well as global market scope. The program is for early-stage businesses and can accept up to 2 founders.

Businesses such as restaurants, retail shops, small businesses, and import/export enterprise will normally not be considered, as the program is aimed at innovative and scalable business.


Financial Requirements for Danish Business Visa

To obtain a residence permit under the Start-up Denmark scheme, you must document that you can support yourself.

Consequently, when you submit your application you must document that you have at your disposal an amount equivalent to one year's social benefits for single non-providers over the age of 30.

The annual amount is DKK 130,188 for you (the main applicant) (12 x 10,849, 2015 level).

Documentation can be a bank statement in your name. Currency and date of issuance must be clearly stated. The statement must be no more than 30 days old at the time the application is submitted.

Application Processing

Program Benefits

Visa Stats

Since the start of the program 238 applications (both from individual founders and from teams of two people) applied for Denmark Startup Visa, however, only 52 were approved. What’s more, only 30 visas were actually used by successful applicants.

He also said most of applications to Denmark come from India (huge lead over the rest), United States, Pakistan, South Korea and Egypt, however, candidates from US and Canada are “slightly more successful” when it comes to successful applications and granted visas. More than 54% of applicants to the Danish startup visa operate in the software area, 25% of the applicants create hardware and 16% are running service businesses.

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